Phi Beauty Center

Complaints Procedure

Wherever work is done, things can go wrong or less well. Many complaints can be resolved in a conversation. Please discuss your dissatisfaction directly with Phistudio first. Don’t want to start a conversation? Are you unable to reach a solution during the conversation? Or are you not satisfied with the solution? Then you can submit an official complaint to the complaints officer

In writing within two weeks after the end of the training; send a letter describing your complaint to phibeautycenter Complaints Committee,

The written complaint must meet a number of conditions: it must contain; Your name and address, the filing date and a description of your complaint that is as specific as possible • You must personally sign a written complaint and send it by registered mail.

We take your complaint very seriously. That is why we use an internal complaints procedure.
If you submit a complaint, the complaints officer will contact you within 5 days. The complaints officer will try to find a solution with you as quickly as possible by discussing the complaint with you, preferably in a personal meeting. After the expiry of this period, there are two options, namely: you will receive a response by letter or e-mail with the handling of your complaint or you will be informed of the progress of your current complaint within the specified period (of 4 weeks). complaint, this letter will also indicate when you can expect the decision.

By submitting a complaint, you help phibeautycenter to improve assistance. phibeautycenter therefore registers all complaints and they are kept for 1 year. In doing so, we handle the data confidentially to naturally protect your privacy.

If you do not agree with the decision about your complaint, you can appeal against this decision within 14 days of the decision. If the complaint has not been settled satisfactorily, you can contact “The Disputes Committee”, Robijnlaan 11 2132 WX Hoofddorp, your complaint will be handled. The judgment of the complaints committee is binding for phibeautycenter and any consequences will be dealt with quickly by phibeautycenter.